Over 20 years experience in the health and wellness fields as a Nurse and a Massage Therapist.

Cannabis saved my life, now I dedicate my life to advancing the conversation surrounding plant medicine.




What I do

Primal Therapeutics

The wearer of all hats. Cannabis Massage for eight years and counting. Infused treatments are provided to patients in homes, hotels, businesses, and event spaces throughout Colorado (and Florida on special occasion).

Primal Healing

Founder and Formulator. Organic hemp skin care and topicals. Originally created for the patients of Primal Therapeutics, then became an extension of who I am and my desire to heal the world.

Cannabis Massage 101 & 102

Creator and Teacher. Launched in 2017 and now taught to over one hundred students around the world, these courses educate massage therapists and healers how to perform the best modality there is.