Hemp/CBD Gua Sha at IECSC Las Vegas

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They say when you love what you do, it’s never work. I guess you could say I work really hard for never really working. I dedicated my life to the cannabis plant many years ago and ever since more doors and windows have continued to open for me. With a lot of dedication and purpose, …

My COVID experience

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All things considered, my covid experience was one that could be considered mild. It was aggravating and depressing most of all.

If I call it CBD Massage is it less scary?

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2021 marks seven years of Primal Therapeutics, cannabis massage being in business. I consider this a pretty huge deal. When I started my first business I had no idea what was ahead of me. The journey of being an entrepreneur is not one for the faint at heart. You have to be like jello – …

Welcome to me.

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I have resisted the need for a personal website from day one. But my incredible Masters having boyfriend has conveyed to me on more than one occasion the importance and the need. So, welcome to me, bringing it into existence. I guess we can take it back, way back. My name is Jordan Person, formally …